The following pre-requisites need to be completed prior to a deployment being scheduled.
If pre-requisites are missing or not completed, the deployment session will be terminated and you will be added to the back of the queue.
Deployment scheduling is handled on a first come first serve basis.

Text Editor Application [Required]

  • NotePad++ or TextPad

DNS Entries

Need 2 A records created pointing to the same App Server

  • Portal Commander application
    This will be the URL that will be used by end users to access the application
    Sample A record:
  • Dashboard
    Sample A record:

SSL Certificates

Will need either a wildcard certificate (* OR 4 separate SSL Certificates based on DNS A Records.

SMTP Information

  • Host Name
  • Port Number
  • Outbound User Mailbox account with Credentials (similar to a donoreply account)

Database Server

  • SQL Server configured on Static Port instead of Dynamic Port
  • SQL Server configured for Mixed Mode Authentication

Application Server

  • Oracle or OpenJDK Java Runtime (JRE) 8 installed
  • SQL Server Connection Information
  • SMTP Information for E-Mail Services
  • SSL Certificate(s) installed in IIS for URL Bindings
  • IIS Configured as per Access Commander Pre-Requisites [No Exceptions]

Availability of following Port Numbers on Application Server

  • 6001
  • 6010
  • 6020
  • 6030
  • 7001
  • 7010
  • 7020
  • 7030
  • 7040
  • 7050