Assumption: All pre-requisites have been met and you have completed the SSRS Configuration Manager Pre-Requisite.

The following steps are to be done directly on the SQL Server Environment Operating System

SQL Server Reporting Server Web Portal

  1. Click Web Portal from the left Navigation Panel.
  2. Click the underlined URL to launch the Web Portal.
  3. From the top navigation menu, click on New and select Folder.
  4. Set the Folder Name as ACReports [case sensitive].
  5. Click the ACReports folder to go into the folder.
  6. From the top navigation menu, click on Manage Folder.
  7. Navigate to Security from the left Navigation Panel.
  8. Click on Add Group or User button and search for the SSRS User created as part of the Pre-Requisite.
    Ensure all checkboxes are selected for Permissions [Browser, Content Manager, My Reports, Publisher, Report Builder].
  9. Navigate back to the ACReports folder.
  10. From the top navigation menu, click on New and select Data Source.
  11. Set the Name to ACCMDR_DS [case sensitive].
  12. Set the Type to Microsoft SQL Server for Connection.
  13. Set the Connection String to Data Source=DBServerName,DBServerPortNumber; Initial Catalog=ACCMDRWEB;.

    Replace the highlighted portion with your Database Server Name and Port

    Number that has been previously used in Step 1.
  14. Select the Using the following Credentials for Credentials and change the Type of Credentials to Database User Name and Password.
  15. Enter accmdr_dba for the Username.
  16. Password will be provided during deployment.

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