Reports Configuration

Ensure all Apps have been deployed.
ONLY START VisiCommander-MB-Microservice Service
The following steps are to be done directly on a browser outside App Environment Operating System


  1. Navigate to the Report URL set during Phase 3
  2. Login to the Report Portal
    If customer requests for credentials, they automatically sign the Waiver of receiving no further support from MathCraft related to the Reports
  3. Go to Admin by clicking on Settings on the top right
  4. Navigate to General from the left navigation panel
  5. Ensure the Site URL is set to http://localhost:5443
  6. Ensure the Anonymous Tracking is set to Disabled
  7. Ensure the Friendly Table and Field Names is set to Disabled
  8. Ensure the Enable Nested Queries is set to Enabled
  9. Navigate to Updates from the left navigation panel
  10. Ensure the Check for Updates is set to Disabled
  11. Navigate to Public Sharing from the left navigation panel
  12. Ensure the Enable Public Sharing is set to Disabled
  13. Navigate to Embedding in Other Applications from the left navigation panel
  14. Click the Regenerate Key button
  15. Copy the Secret Key into a Notepad window as we will need this later
  16. Navigate to Caching from the left navigation panel
  17. Ensure the Enable Caching is set to Disabled
  18. Navigate to Databases from the top navigation panel
  19. Click on VC under Name to modify the settings
  20. Ensure the Database Type is set to SQL Server
  21. Ensure the Name is set to VC
  22. Enter the Host Name to match your SQL Server Name where ViSi Commander database is deployed
  23. Enter the Port Number to match your SQL Server Port Number where ViSi Commander database is deployed
  24. Ensure the Database is set to VISICMDR
  25. Ensure the Database Instance is empty
  26. Ensure the Username is set to vc_mb_user
  27. Reenter the Password
  28. Ensure the "Use a Secure Connection (SSL)" is set to Disabled
  29. Ensure the "Use an SSH-Tunnel for Database Connections" is set to Disabled
  30. Ensure the "Automatically Run Queries when doing simple Filtering and Summarizing" is set to Enabled
  31. Ensure the "This is a large Database, so let me choose when Metabase Syncs and Scans" is set to Enabled
  32. Click on Save Changes
  33. Click on Sync Database Schema Now
  34. Wait for 10 minutes and then click Re-Scan Field Values Now
  35. On the App Environment Operating System, navigate to the visicmdr\configuration directory from the Application Root
  36. Launch the in edit mode using Notepad or Notepad++ (Notepad++ recommended)
  37. Go to line 15 and modify the metabase.url parameter by replacing ReportServerParam with the URL set during Phase 3
  38. Enter the metabase.secretKey copied in step 15 above
  39. Save the file