• SQL Server Connection Information
  • SMTP Information for E-Mail Services 

App Installer

Ensure all pre-requisites for App Configuration have been met
The following steps are to be done directly on the App Environment Operating System


  1. Browse the location you want the Application Root to deployed to

  2. Enter the SQL Server Name or IP Address where the database resides
  3. Enter the SQL Server Port Number for the SQL Server
    Default Port Number for SQL Server is 1433
  4. Enter the Application URL that will be used by end users to access the application
  5. Enter the SMTP Host Name for your mail server
  6. Enter the SMTP Port Number for your mail server
  7. Enter the SMTP Username for your mail server
  8. Enter the SMTP Password for your mail server
  9. Click Next and wait till you see the Finish screen as shown below

  10. Click Finish to complete the Database deployment
  11. Navigate to the visicmdr\conf directory from the Application Root
  12. Launch the server.xml in edit mode using Notepad or Notepad++ (Notepad++ recommended)
  13. Comment out the system generated nio-https-connector around Line 47
    <Connector acceptCount="100"
  14. Add the following after the commented section on the next line right before </Service> </Server>
    <Connector port="8474" enableLookups="false" redirectPort="443" protocol="AJP/1.3" />
  15. Save the server.xml file