If the guard station is not loading or launching or throwing errors please follow the steps below and if the issue still persists submit a support ticket.

  1. Check if Java version 8 is installed, if not contact your IT to install Java version 8 on the desktop.
  2. Once java is installed open Java configuration from control panel or search in windows "Configure Java" and open it.

  3. Navigate to "Security" tab in the opened window and click on "Edit Site List...".

  4. Add the ViSi Commander application URL as shown in the below image with port number. 

  5. Click "Ok".
  6. Click "Apply" and then click "Ok".
  7. Launch Command Prompt by selecting Run as Administrator.
  8. Execute the following commands listed below.  
    @echo off
    cacls C:\visiclient\settings\visiClient.properties /t /e /g Everyone:f
    cacls C:\visiclient\settings\log4j.properties /t /e /g Everyone:f
    cacls C:\visiclient\badges\badge_C-CL.jasper /t /e /g Everyone:f
    cacls C:\visiclient\badges\badge_C-UN.jasper /t /e /g Everyone:f
    cacls C:\visiclient\badges\badge_D-ES.jasper /t /e /g Everyone:f
    cacls C:\visiclient\badges\badge_D-NE.jasper /t /e /g Everyone:f
    cacls C:\visiclient\badges\badge_V-CL-ES.jasper /t /e /g Everyone:f
    cacls C:\visiclient\badges\badge_V-CL-NE.jasper /t /e /g Everyone:f
    cacls C:\visiclient\badges\badge_V-UN-ES.jasper /t /e /g Everyone:f
    cacls C:\visiclient\badges\badge_FN-ES.jasper /t /e /g Everyone:f
    cacls C:\visiclient\badges\badge_V-UN-NE.jasper /t /e /g Everyone:f
  9. Close the Command Prompt.
  10. Open Internet Explorer and login to ViSi Commander.
  11. Navigate to Guard Mode if you are a System Admin or else if "Check-in Checkout" menu us visible click on that link.
  12. If prompted to save any file please save the file or allow the file to open if any warning appears.
  13. If "Java Update Needed" warning appears, check the checkbox at the bottom and click on "Later" as shown in below image.
  14. If any "Security Warning" appears select the checkbox and click on "Run" button.

  15. Once the application opens, if it opens "Assign Windows Login ID to user" window search for your user name and Click "Assign User". 
  16. Now if the application prompts to "Add Entry Station", fill in the required information and click "Add Station". 
  17. Once the station is added login to ViSi Commander as System Admin user.
  18. Navigate to Facility Management and go to the facility that you selected when adding the station and go to "Entry Station" tab. Click on update icon on the record that you just added and change the status to "Active" and click on update button.
  19. Once the station is Active login to ViSi Commander as Guard user and launch the ViSi Client.