Note: The customer is responsible for everything listed here. MathCraft will not be assisting nor performing any of the pre-requisites below

Assumption: Access Commander is deployed and operational; therefore, all Pre-Requisites from Access Commander already pre-exist.

DNS Entries

Need 1 A records created pointing to the same App Server

  • Portal Commander application
    This will be the URL that will be used by end users to access the application
    Sample A record:

SSL Certificate in IIS

Will need either a wildcard certificate (* OR 1 separate SSL Certificates based on DNS A Record.

HR Data Load (if Applicable)

  • If you have subscribed to the HR Data Load add-on, you have to ensure you are ready to load the Data Elements listed here.
    Note: Previous logic customizations done in v3.x will no longer be honored.

Google reCaptcha

You will need Google Captcha set up and procure a Site Key and Secret Key.
Note: MathCraft doesn't provide you with the Google reCaptcha configuration.

Node Version

Will need Node version 14.15.4 installed on Application Server

Availability of following Port Numbers on Application Server

  • 6010
  • 6020
  • 6030
  • 7010
  • 7020
  • 7030
  • 7040

Change Log

Last Updated: April 4, 2022

Cut down the section to avoid replicated pre-requisites that would be completed based on Access Commander deployment

Last Updated: April 3, 2021

Added the Port Numbers required on Application Server